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Monday, Apr. 14, 2003, 9:35 a.m.: Colin and me...

I'm tired as shit today!! I've been stuck with extenions in my hair and it makes it very difficult to sleep well, w/o worrying that I'm going to fuck them up. On Saturday I went to the salon to get my hair done. I was to be the model for my stylist, to enter into a competition, so she dyed my red hair back to black again. She used semi-permanent b/c I have to get it back to red for a w/e in May, to finish shooting my film. She then put extensions in to make my hair shoulder length and she alternated with bright fire engine red strips in between here and there. It looked fucking amazing and these two colors are my favorite so I loved it even more!! I thought I had the closing party to a film festival to go to, so she hooked me up with make-up and everything to match my hair. Turned out the party is next Saturday and my girlfriend got the dates mixed up, so we decided to head out to Yorkville instead. It was myself and two other girls (both of whom decided that they were going to go scouting for the infamous Colin Farrell, who is in town filiming his movie). Once we were all set to go, it was again decided that we should go to the ritzy hotel where all the stars stay when they come here. So fine, now I wasn't as enthused to go hunting for this lad as they were but I figured it would be fun. Once we got to the hotel bar, we were quickly told to wait b/c it was packed. As soon as we stood in line to wait, Mr. Colin Farrel walks throguh the doors passed us. We went inside for a while and ordered drinks that set the three of us back 40 bucks already! Now the wine was so strong there that my stomach started to hurt like a bitch, so I decided that I needed food. The two of them wanted to stay in the bar b/c they thought Colin would be back, but I quickly convinced them that first of all even if he did come back 'what the fuck were they going to do...walk up to him in the ritzy bar and look like 12 yr old girls?!'. Second, I was going to puke if I didn't get out of there and get some food into me, either that or pass out. So we left and went next door to one of the pubs where it just so happened that Colin Farrel was in there drinking now. I stayed @ the door and talked with the chick there, trying to get us a table, and the two girls went over and sat @ the bar. Soon a/f, I see one of them stand up and start waving @ me, 2 mins later the other one gets up and starts waving me down. I said 'He's gotta be over there cause they're making way to much of a scene to get me over there'. Sure enough when I got over to them, there he was sitting right across from us. It was hilarious!! Now, the fact that I saw him in person just made him so human to me. I didn't feel the urge to go up to him and make myself look like an idiot. I told myself that I had too much pride, and if anyone was going to approach anyone it was going to be him...yea, like he was going to come up to me!!! He kept checking me out but no advance. I told my girlfriends that the only thing that I found attractive a/b him was the leather cuff he had on his wrist. HA! Of course it's only b/c he's a huge star, and I know he thinks that every chick wants him, that my brain has decided to think this way. As soon as he got up to leave he was swarmed by a group of girls waiting to catch him @ the door. One of my girlfriend's decided it was her turn to go and get him. He stopped to talk to her a/b Ireland (she lived there for 4 yrs) and he even took a pic with her. She was very excited!! I went home that night and slept so well b/c I was drunk and I just passed right out. Not even a care a/b my new hair.

For my photo shoot, I was a tad frazzled but I made it through. She did severly dramatic eyes on me and flipped my hair out. I put on my black velvet bustier for the shots...they liked it the best out of all the tops they had brought. It looked amazing with the color contrasted against my creamy white skin. It's funny, b/c I'm usually an olive/yellow tone...but with black I look very pale. I was a little stiff @ first but as I got comfortable I loosened up. I told him to place me wherever he wanted and then it turned out that every movement that I ended up doing in between the shots was what he told me to hold. I hope they turn out well for her and for me too, b/c I get to keep the as well. We even did a shot where I played with my tongue ring for him. He called that one his personal shot. He was a total cutie and fuck, I would have gotten into many more compromising positions for him if he had wanted me to. He seemed to like when I put my hands behind my back or when I put myself in vulnerable poses. They usually do... It was so much fun and tomorrow I'm going to go and do some shots with another girlfriend of mine. She loved the look and got inspired, so I'm totally ready to help her out too. I'll let you know how that goes too. So all in all, I had a very interesting w/e. I could do this forever! Get made-up, play dress-up and make love to a camera...or to whomever is behind that camera. Today, however, I'm going to be auditioning for the lead in the production that Colin is filming here right now. Maybe seeing him on Saturday was fate telling me I'd be working with him soon. I guess we'll see.

Love, CAT xXx