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Friday, Apr. 11, 2003, 9:27 a.m.: my awe...

I finally got out to see the acting teacher I had been dying to see. I was completely and thoroughly impressed with him. He inspired me and frightened me all @ the same time. This guy spoke to every actor differently. He knew what was, and what was not, behind each action and he worked @ retrieving what needed to be understood and translated. This may be sounding like gibberish b/c it's actor talk, but basically he is the one who can speak to me in a tone that sings to my ears. I knew what he was doing and trying to do and I followed his thought process through the whole class. The great thing a/b him too was that he never moved onto the next scene until he got what was required from the actor. He had no time constraint and he worked way passed the time he should have. If you look back (cause I'm still too computer illiterate to link the page) to an entry where I explained what exactly I wanted from a teacher...this IS the guy. Now as much as this is a blessing to me, it will most likely also be a curse cause it's going to force me to be totally open and giving even when I don't want to be. I have to give myself up to him as a tool to be tweaked and I have to trust that he is only out for my best interest. It's funny though, b/c I already do. I saw him bring a girl to tears b/c he knew, and she knew, that she could do better in a scene. He wasn't an asshole a/b it...it just turned out that she became very emotional a/b the fact that she wasn't doing what she should. She made tears fall from my eyes, b/c I could totally feel the pressure off her. In the end though she did it, and her feelings @ the moment were easily translated into her character. I was in awe...let's just say that. He even stayed with me a/f class and spoke to me for a 1/2 hr. He is everything a teacher should be. I'm going to go and watch another class and then I'm going to start in May with him. I also respect how he ahndles his students like a family. Alot of them have studied with him for years and he's like the Father to this big family of actors. It's a really beautiful thing. I was so excited last night that I was calling people to tell them a/b it.

So this w/e I'm getting my hair done and I'm doing a photo shoot with my stylist. She's entering me into a creative contest with her. She's going to dye my hair bright red again and put in black streaks. Then for the shots she's going to give me red extensions and do geisha girl inspired shots. It should be fun and I get to keep the pics for myself as well. If I get really advanced on here I'll post them for everyone to take a look @ them I hope I get to keep the extensions in. That would be cool!! I'm in complete mission mode. Spring is here and I'm rarring to go.

Love, CAT xXx