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Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2003, 8:54 a.m.: a day in heat...

That audition was a little fishy...as far as I'm concerned. There wasn't even a camera on so that we could slate our names or even get taped so that our film goes back to the director to see. It just didn't seem right to me. No matter, b/c the part was useless. The whole scene consisted of 3 lines and there was, on average, 2 words in each. I think they had already casted somebody from the U.S. in the film, but had to go through all the Canadian talent as well just to follow regulations. It was an experience, I guess, and I got to show my face to the casting directors. They'll eventually be the ones who will be seeing me in the future. I even got interviewed and was on the evening news. It was funny, cause I was joking a/r with the reporter a/b my hair and how it's not mine and I think she got all my babble on tape. I don't want to watch myself, but I'm sure everyone else I told will be. So, besides the fact that I think I lost an afternoon of pay for complete bull-shit...it was okay.

My hair seems to be staying in place. I've stopped caring a/b it b/c we cancelled the shoot for tonight and are going to do it another time with just my own black hair. So I've been treating it like I would my own hair, and I'm being free with it, and the shit is still tightly secured to my head. I even tried to pull some of it off this morning, but nope...it isn't going anywhere. It's going to be 26 degrees out today which is, I'm not sure what in the other degrees. Anyways, I'm wearing this new black top of mine where it's laced all up the front and is designed like a corset with short sleeves. It's fine when I'm standing up, but as soon as I sit down it opens and you can see the skin up the front of my body, through the laced part. It's really not appropriate to be wearing here, but it's on me now and I just have to hope that it isn't too distracting for anyone. I also kinda hope we don't have alot of clients coming in today. Actually, I just tried something here...if I sit really straight, it does close. Not exactly the most comfortable position to be in, but I've gotta give up one to save the other.

As far as everything else is going, well I'm going to be moving very soon into my new place. Probably in a week or two I'll be semi-set up. I'm looking forward to getting into my own space again b/c I'm a terribly private person and I need my alone time. It's a must for me cause I turn into a really evil bitch if I'm bothered too much. I love my Grandmother with all my heart, but she is extremely neurotic and nosey and invading of my personal space. It's not a good match for me, b/c it's very hard to communicate with her and so it doens't translate into conversation or genuine care...it only comes across as assaulting behaviour to me. On top of that she fails to understand me and tries to lay guilt trips, that I have not the maturity to deal with from her. So soon enough I'll be on my own...by myself...in my own privacy. I'm going to have to buy her a really nice present to thank her for taking me in for the last months, b/c I'm sure she thinks I'm a terribly bitchy grand-daughter. I think I remind her of her husband, who was a real asshole to her. It's awful cause I've always condemned him and here I am treating her the same way he did practically. I have to try to make it up to her, you know. Okay, well I'm going to go and try to enjoy this beautiful day b/c aparently it isn't going to last very long. It's suppose to turn into freezing rain by Thursday. How joyful...

Love, CAT xXx