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Thursday, Feb. 27, 2003, 9:00 a.m.: Master...

Well, I finished all 40 packages yesterday and sent out all but 4 of them. See right b/f I was a/b to leave to mail them I thought to myself...wait, I'd better double check that I have all the right adresses. So I called all the agencies one by one and verified the correct adress. A few of them were wrong so I had to change them. One in particular was the one where I actually spoke directly to an agent who told me to mention in my letter that we spoke. Fuck, imagine that one going to the wrong place! Today I'll check these last ones and then they can go too. I hope I packed enough into them. They're kinda dry right now, b/c I don't have any of my work actually on video for them to see. I went with the bare minimum, then next time a/r I'll go with more (if there is a next time a/r). We'll see.

I skipped out on my Theatre meeting yesterday cause I wanted to spend time with my kitty. I brought him over to my friend's place so that he could play with his brothers. He wasn't too impressed you know. Both the other kitties were afraid of him and he was constantly hissing @ them. By the end of the night he would only sit with me. So, this morning when I woke up he was a whole new kitty. He lost some of his psycho edge and has moved into a more calmer state. He sat beside me this morning while I ate breakfast and just watched me. I guess he feels alot safer now knowing that I'm his mommy and I'm always there to protect him. I also got pissed @ my Grandmother today b/c, judging by the isze of 'Maximus' compared to my girl friend's kitties, she feeds him during the day when I am not there...and THAT FUCKING MAKES ME ANGRY!!! It's not healthy for him and he's not on a normal routine.

'nsnb', who I'm going to start referring to as 'Master', showed up to the Theatre meeting and got the scoop on the new director boy for me. 'Master' basically marked his territory and found out that he was a bit of a lier. We all know how I HATE LIERS!!!!! Not only a lier, but a fucking stalker too! Fuck, the amount of times that guy calls me is just ridiculous. 'Master' put director boy in his place, even touching on such subjects as the amount of annoyance it can cause to constantly call people who have very busy lives. I just wanted to fall asleep purring wrapped up in him. Instead I fell asleep with my kitty purring. Still good.

Love, CAT xXx