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Friday, Feb. 28, 2003, 8:40 a.m.: cry me a river...

My kitty is a psycho again. His calm demeanor has vanished...disapeared into fucking thin air. Here @ work I'm getting really god damn fed up with this dumb ass printer! This is the second one I've been sent and it makes this god awful noise and wont print anything for me. That's it...I don't give a flying fuck anymore...I'm not using this thing. Yea, so back to my kitty. Little fucker is fucked again! I think I'm going to have to bring him by my girl friend's place more often to get the shit scared out of him. Scare him into submission, really. Whatever.

I had another call-back yesterday to go to. It was for something I had already done it's just that the director was missing. I went in and read for both parts..one being the crazy eccentric and the other for the girly girl. I like how I can be so versatile...it's fucking awesome. I just got notice today of another one I have to go back for as well. This one I'm the crazy chick for sure...well, I think for sure. 'Master' called me while I was on my way there. I was a complete nut case on the phone, wired with energy from all the stimuli. We're filming tomorrow and our scenes are pretty much together. I'm a hooker and he's my crooked cop. I have to do a sex scene with the lead character and I'm not sure yet how it's going to go. We haven't rehearsed @ all which will feel kind of strange once I get there tomorrow. This is what I dislike a/b film. I think we're going to do that scene last, so by the time it comes a/r I'll be more familiar with the guy. Yea, that'd be nice eh? Really I just want to get tied up and restrained by 'Master'. Fuck this guy and his rough sex scene with me!! HAHA!!!!

I'm getting my haid done today. I'm suppose to be a 'fake' red-head so I have to go get my streaks up-dated. You know, I hope it's good enough. God Damnit!! I asked 'Master' what he thought a/b my color choices. A/f this I'm going to go back to dark. Short bangs and a bob... or blunt maybe. I went out yesterady with my girl friend and this old friend from highschool. We went to one of the bars in my area, where I dreaded bumping into my ex. I mean, not that I really give a shit cause I would really have nothing to say to him, but it'd still be akward. The thing a/b my area is that it's a strip of a few bars that EVERYONE from my old high school hangs out @. It's very unlikely you'd go there and NOT see anyone you knew from like 6 years ago. FUCK...I feel old. I'm gonna go cry now.

Love, CAT xXx