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Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003, 9:48 a.m.: seriousness and flattery...

Okay so, yesterday I spent the whole day writing and re-writing my agent cover-letter. I've printed out all my resumes and written out all my envelopes. Today I'm finishing my final draft and then I'm dropping them all in the mail box. They should get out to all the prospective agents by Friday. I really love doing all this kind of shit...it's so fun. 'nsnb' helped me all day with my cover-letter, and then we hooked up yesterday night so that I could help him with his script for his audition. I swear I cream myself everytime I'm near him...it's brutal. I really have to focus on focusing (if that makes any sense what-so-ever). He needed to be concerned a/b his work and so I was trying very hard not to distract him or myself. Holy shit...it's hard!

I got another call-back for a film I auditioned for. This Thursday I've gotta go out for it. Turns out I'll also be filming this Saturday. I get to do my hooker scene with 'nsnb'. I got to talk to that new director friend of mine who was harassing me. I told him to chill and that I will get to his call eventually, cause if I don't it's just that I am busy. My sister thought I cam e across a little bit smug to him, but I just wanted to express my point of view and the way I work. I'm dedicated and I work hard, but unecessary confines I cannot take (and I draw my own lines and boundaries). He even offered to take me on a trip with him to England. I was like 'No sorry, I've got too much stuff going on here'...'Thanks but no thanks'. Like seriously I hardly know this guy and he thinks I'm gonna run off to Europe with him. Ontop of that I'm not interested in him, so why would I want to give him that impression. I ain't no gold digger either...you can't buy me...SORRY FUCKER!!!! Like shit! Fucking business. I mean, if I liked the guy I'd probably go, but I don't, so whatever. I guess it's flattering though.

Love, CAT xXx