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Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2003, 9:06 a.m.: progression...

You know, I drove all the way up to my session yesterday, in the snowy slippery weather, to find that my scene partner wasn't coming. Remember I said she was a bit flaky right. I know it was snowing, but it wasn't killer weather or anything. Aparently she started driving and then decided to turn a/r and go home. Funny thing was that as soon as I left my teacher's place it had stopped. Yea, go figure! I made plans to meet a girlfriend of mine a/f my class @ a coffee shop, so I just drove down and waited for her. I don't mind sitting by myself cause I actually get peace and quiet to write my journal, go over my agenda, and just set my schedule.

Oh, my acting coach also gave me a nice list of agents to call that he knew. He said I could use him as reference, mention that I'm taking classes with him...which I was doing anyways. SO today, I'm going to finish calling them and then send out my packages. Yesterday from 2pm until 4pm, I was calling agencies and checking who would accept my submission. I spoke directly to a few agents, one who was really awesome!! She was an Italian broad who I talked to for a good while...she even told me to mention that I had spoken to her when I sent my package in, and she asked me my last name too when I was done. I took that as a very good sign. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope that they like what they see in respect to my pic, resume, and personal cover-letter. A big factor is also whether they have room on their 'roster' for someone of my age with my look. *crosses fingers*

Oh ya. So my new director friend has been calling and e-mailing me non-fucking-stop!!! Like hell, I HATE when people put that kind of pressure and time requirement on me. I mean, first of all we wont be filming this thing until late this year and I don't see what the god damn rush on everything is. It's also extremely annoying b/c he calls me like 3x in one night. If I haven't called you back in the first place, I'm obviously busy and will not be answering the next time or the next time!!!! Have some god damn fucking patience please!!!!! I'm going to have to tell him to chill out, b/c I can't take that kind of harassment! SHIT!!!

Love, CAT xXx