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Monday, Feb. 24, 2003, 8:54 a.m.: productive for me...

The weekend felt productive. I came in today feeling really good. Friday I actually got to rest and I spent the night with a girl friend of mine. We went to see 'How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days'. I thought the movie was going to be funnier than it was, but to watch Matthew Mccougheny (sp) on screen was a fucking big enough treat for me. The two of them make a gorgeous couple too.

Saturday I had an audition @ 11:30am. I got there a little early, but they didn't take me in until a/b 12:15. I read for two parts...the crazy girl and the more subdued of the two. I was prefered for the crazy chick. Not a surprise. When I got out of the audition I opened the door to the face of 'nsnb'. God is he fucking beautiful! Why he has to look so damn good on those unexpected days is a mystery to me?! Anyways, I stayed and helped him go over his part and then I waited for him to finish so that we could go and audition for another film together. It was a last minute sort of thing and so we quickly went over our lines and went in to read. The director seemed thoroughly impressed with both our reads. It was funny too, cause while we were in there I started asking questions and then by the end of it 'nsnb' kept asking all the questions that I had intended to ask. I just let him 'take it away'! All I had to do was nodd (I think that's how you spell it) my head in agreement. That night I went out for my girl firend's birthday. As we were sitting there talking I started to get this killer pain in my left shoulder. It comes and goes every once in a while and it feels like someone is twisting a knife round and round in my shoulder. I had to take a cab home early b/c it started to become unbearable. I had to get up early anyways for the next day...I had a dance workshop to do so it was alright. I fell asleep and it was gone in the morning.

Sunday, I drove in the shittiest weather, 45 mins away from where I live, to teach a dance work-shop for my vocal coach. It went well, except for the fact that my time was cut short b/c we were running late. AND the fact that there was this one chick who had the most sour expression on her bitchy little face that I'd seen in a long time. It wasn't even 'attitude' it was more like 'bratty annoying'. The kind of look where you want to kick the person in the face, vomit all over them and then finish it off with spit. I was disgusted! HA! Yea, see you always remember the shitty people b/c they're just so negative. I got two new clients though who want me to teach them, so I went away happy. She paid me too for my help and we're going to see if I can use her studio on Sundayss to teach for her. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

Yum, I went out a/f that to a beautiful Japanese restaurant for my Grandmother's birthday. I fucking love Japanese food! From now on that's where I'm going. I left there feeling like I had eaten a great meal, I was content but not full...which is so important. I hate it when I feel like I'm full and I just want to fall asleep. It's nasty!! Then I met up with another girl friend for some dessert. It was a full w/e with hardly any time to think a/b nonsense. I love those kinds!!

Love, CAT xXx