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Friday, Feb. 21, 2003, 2:33 p.m.: excite me...

Hey!! I had another audition this morning and so I didn't get a chance to write. It went fairly well, as far as I thought. I then went and picked up my head-shots that, I must say, look pretty damn fucking good. I had started panicking b/c I began to doubt the pic I chose. But I am impressed. Only thing is that I look older than I am, but I have a big bright smile which will be totally marketable. Next week I'm going to send out packages to agents...see what happens.

Rehearsal for the dance went well yesterday. I became slightly tyrannical when I lost my patience...okay, maybe a bit more than slightly. :) It just got to the point where some of the girls kept expressing their opinions a/b stupid little things and I was like 'Fuck, lets just get this done and then we can worry a/b the stupid small details...SHIT!'. I mean, we should have it fully learned and we still don't! Anyways, a/f one of the girls and I were talking and she asked me if I would go to L.A. with her. This girl is a little cooky crazy and it brings out my impulsive, spontaneous side. I was like 'Hell yea!'. So we may be planning a trip out to L.A. Maybe stay a week, two, three...who knows what will happen. If she was being as serious as I took her, I probably wont think twice a/b going...I'll just go. Isn't that exciting as hell?!?!

I have another busy w/e ahead of me. I'll update on Monday morning! Oh ya, I also came to a self-realization yesterday night while lying in my bed. I thrive on challenge and change. I yearn to be controlled so that I can break free and then repeat the cycle over and over and over. So I may be a little much to deal with, but whoever manages to handle me is going to be one lucky boy (or girl @ this point). And that'll be true in every sense...yea yea!!

Love, CAT xXx