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Thursday, Feb. 20, 2003, 8:53 a.m.: lucky luck...

My gym experience was fucking exhilirating!!!! I thought I'd use a really intense word to describe how it made me feel. I was pumped beyond belief! I met up with a new friend for coffee and to go over a new script he wrote. I signed a disclosure yesterday and am not allowed to discuss anything a/b the project so you wont be hearing much a/b it, just that I'm working on it. He also gave me a 2nd script to read over and I get to basically pick which female character I like better, and she's mine. When we first met up yesterday I was wired as hell from the gym. I even had to buy decaf coffee to drink. I'm totally grateful that he's asked me to join his group of trusted friends to work on his stuff. I have a good feeling a/b this. I think he may have been interested in me on more of a personal level, but I was really just solely focused on the work (well fun for me) and he's not my type. I don't like to divulge to many people certain personal things a/b myself either. I'm very private that way. It's basically like...I choose you, you don't choose me. That's the way it will always be.

Tonight I have actually managed to get all the girls together to practise our dance. It's been taking a damn while to get this going, so I hope this is one if the last times we have to do it. B/f that though, I have an audition to go to. As far as this shit goes I'm going to score an agent soon...that's all there is to it. I have to! Only shitty thing is that I consulted my acting coach re: my pics and he really like the one that I considered my favorite. The one I wasn't even smiling in. I am sort of pissed that I have this stupid smiley one now where my arms are crossed and I look all closed up. But, I've alreay gotten them printed out and I have no choice now...it's done. It is now up to luck.

Love, CAT xXx