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Monday, Feb. 03, 2003, 9:30 a.m.: thanks again...

Well boys and girls...I was sick again this w/e. Can you fucking believe that shit?! It started with a sore throat that by Friday night had gotten so bad that I couldn't even swallow. I went to this house party with my new acting girlfriend and almost passed out as I was leaving. I even had to interupt the 'host', who was talking to us @ the door, and just make an exit cause I thought I was going to faint on her floor. I was in so need of cold air and once I got outside I felt so much better. I was the only one who could drive my standard car home, so slowly and surely I drove that baby till we got to my girlfriend's place. I slept over and in the morning my throat felt better but I still felt like shit. Then the rest of the w/e I was forced to rest b/c I felt so terrible. Raspy throat, dizzy brain...I don't know what the fuck is going a/r still. I managed to get out to see 'Chicago' Saturday night. Loved, loved, loved it!!!! It was suppose to be 'The Recruit', but I wanted to see 'Chicago' much more. Then I woke up Sunday feeling like more shit and had to rest up all day to feel like I do today, which is only semi-better. I may have strep, so I think I'm going to make a docs appt...just in case. The chick who threw the party probably thought I was being a drama queen bitch by cutting her off and leaving, cause the whole night I was fine until I finished drinking this peppermint tea (@ the end of the night). As soon as I put the cup in the sink I felt like I was on too much 'e' or some shit. For a second I thought someone had put something in my tea, but then I started to feel less fucked (outside) so I changed my mind. It was funny when we thought back on my exit: cause the girl kept talking and talking @ the door, and I was trying to be polite, until I couldn't take it anymore and had to cut her off mid-sentence. We laughed every time we brought it up cause my girlfriend just basically was like 'well, see ya' when I opened the door and walked out. She's a cool girl...I really really like her. HAHA!

I'm kinda better but I'm still a tad woozy (if that's how you spell it). I still don't understand what hit me, I've never been sick that many times and have it hit me full force. Although, compared to the way I was feeling when I had the total break down, this was nothing. It definately built up some sort of pain and sickness resistance...more so, I guess, than I already had. Oh I dreamt of my ex this weekend (along with like 3 other guys), then I come in to work this morning to find that he had e-mailed me this warning message. Some new date rape drug that's going a/r. I thought it was nice of him and I guess he's looking for a response. I guess I should @ least thank him for the thought...yea I should.