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Friday, Jan. 31, 2003, 8:51 a.m.: throats hurt...

I met up with an old girlfriend of mine from high school yesterday. We sort of had a falling out during our last years together in school. It was b/c of total miscommunication and misunderstandings that neither of us had the nerve to aproach the other one a/b. So years flew by and then one day we meet up in some store and start talking again. Luckily we hit it off again and decided to be mature a/b the matter and decided to get together. Ever since then we've kept in touch and it's just like old times when we hook up. She was the only girl who could get me so riled up that, if we were crazy enough, some days we could have gotten into some serious shit. We can both be so irrational a/b things. I'm glad that we managed to get past all the crap that went on back in school. She's an awesome girl.

I picked my 3 shots from my contact sheets, but I've since showed them to a/b 4 other people. So, this morning I have to call the lab and change my choices. I'm going on a general consensus here cause my opinion of which ones look best are not necessarily the best choices. Other people see me more than I see msyelf and they would know better how I look more appealing...and yes, these are all trusted friends I'm asking. For my first shots I want them to be great. I just called the lab and I guess they don't open till 10am. I better not forget!!

Tonight I'm heading to this party being thrown by a girl I met on the set of my last movie. Me and a girlfriend are going together and then I'm going to sleep over @ her place, so I don't have to drive home by myself. Should be good...I'm looking forward to it. Only shit thing is that my throat is starting to hurt and if I don't baby it I'm going to get sick. I must not be eating properly or some shit. And I'm the biggest preacher when it comes to eating right 'b/c it keeps you strong' and blah blah blah. Fucking figures!