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Thursday, Jan. 30, 2003, 10:25 a.m.: a day like today...

So, I got them back! My contact sheets from my photo shoot. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they came out really well. Usually you hear that you get a/b 1 good shot from each roll, but I've got plenty to choose from. The only thing I have to complain a/b is the fact that I would have paid a bit more attention to the neatness of my clothing than she did. In my film/television shots I noticed that the arms of my shirt are wrinkled. I totally would have straightened them out. I'm still impressed though. Oh, and you can still see the black a/r my eyes which sucks...but whatever. Not even make-up can cover that shit up, cause she piled it on. I'm gonna call in today with my choices from each sheet to get my 8x10 shots so that I can then laser copy them for audtions and send that shit out!

I went and got loads of auditions off the local board too yesterday. Now I get to use a good pic! Can you tell I'm happy a/b that?! Went to a play reading yesterday where I really liked the stories. Sometimes you get these stupid ass plays (in my opinion) to do and they're just so damn boring. These were funny, original, and deep @ the same time...which is almost perfect in my book. I was chosen to read for the 'bitch' parts. I was complaining that I'm being type-cast cause I've been getting the bitch alot lately. I told the director I wanted a challenge, cause it's so easy to play the bitch really. It's one of the most fun, but easy.

I finally made an appointment to take my car in for her oil change. It's been too long that I've waited to do it. Holidays really throw me off track you know. It's actually taken until now to get me back to my shcedule...it's fucked. I think as I get older I'm going to have to start blocking off 'holiday' days and then 'time to get out of holiday mode' days too. It seems like such lost and wasted time! I'm almost a month late here!!!

It's fucking freezing here in the office today. I don't know why...I haven't even had my two cups of coffee yet. Okay, well I just got my second cup right now. Maybe I'm wired from being back in gear so I'm feeling like I'm a/b to drop an 'e' or something. This is the feeling you get b/f you're a/b to go out and indulge in some addictive substance...like sex or dancing or working out. NO not drugs!!! Well, I guess you could call them that if you like.

I'm kinda worried cause I think we're going to be blown away soon. Yea, it's morbid...but if the U.S. doesn't start thinking of a different solution to whatever their 'crisis' situation is...we are SO fucking toast. So fucking toast!! And I'm not too excited a/b that probablility. I want to be able to age gracfully and have the chance to have children and a husband in a somewhat stable world. This is something that a year ago I would've said 'Fuck no!' to. Of course now that I'm actually warm to the idea, b/c I've realised that there are people like me in this world who I can actually see eye to eye with, we're gonna go and get blown to bits in WWIII. Fuck the irony of it...I'm pissed!

Hey, I'm warm again!