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Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2002, 9:02 a.m.: not good enough...

You know, I like Shania Twain...sort of. Her new tune was actually alright, until I kept hearing it over and over again. But this second song, that I'm being horribly subjected to listening to right now, is fucking terrible. I can't believe it's getting air play. Anyways, it's a strange world I guess. Now, Annnie Lennox is a different story. She kicks ass still! Her vocie reminds me of silk for some reason.

Well, it looks like I was right a/b the X-Mas break being the WRONG time to get anything done. I mean who in their right mind would ask someone to get a dance fully choreographed and rehearsed through the Holidyas. I didn't say anything to him directly, cause I figured that once I got the 'no' from them I could then break the news to him. I go with the flow most of the time, you know. So far, it looks like most people will be available a/f New Years...duh! I'm gonna have to give him a call soon.

I went and took a class yesterday. I thought I was getting sick and then decided that sweating it out would be my best bet. It was apparently, cause I feel better. Mind you, looking @ myself in the mirror I can see that I've lost more weight. My 'tight' black leggings are now loose on me, and I look like a child in comparison to some of these other girls. I mean, on top of being really thin now I'm short too. I think it's b/c I hardly eat any carbs, so I've decided to put some back into my diet again. I eat mainly protein, low density carbs, and fibre. I just started to sub-consciously limit my intake of breads and things until now, I hardly eat them. It's funny how you can do some wacked shit w/o even being fully conscious a/b it. I guess it's sort of like sleep walking, just I'm awake. I really liked the instructor yesterday. She was friendly and down to earth and cute too. She was playing this amazing c.d. that I'm going to go out and buy today cause I loved it so much.

I think I may be a bad kitty cat mommy. I get really stressed out a/r him and when he bites me (which is all the time) I pick him up and drop him on the ground a/b a foot or two away from me. This continues until he decides to change his tune and comes to be nice with me. I just get so irritated with him biting me everywhere. I really can't take it. I'm trying to get him use to his scratching post, but he still has no interst in it. I'm hoping this is just a stage for him and he wont grow up to be a psycho all the time. I've never owned a kitty b/f, so I'm an amateur.

Speaking of amateur. I got the pics back that my sister took of me and unfortunately there isn't one that I can use for a head shot. I mean, there's some that I look good in, but the lighting sucked and created a really bad shadow on practically all of them. A/f spending almost $30 on these I might just cut my losses and go get them professionally done. By the time I get a good shot and then blow them up, I'm pretty much @ the same price. Fuck, I'd rather a professional stress a/b them. What's $350 for head shots anyways eh? Fuck!