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Friday, Dec. 06, 2002, 8:53 a.m.: today again...

There's this one gas station that I always go to. I only go b/c it's the closest full serve one a/r. Every damn time I'm there they're always trying to sell me the higher priced gas...even a/f I've asked for MY grade. It's ebginning topiss teh fuck out of me...I may just have to venture over to the self serve station, b/c I just cannot stand it anymore. I wonder how many people just agree and go along with them when they ask, and how much of it they really sell with this tactic. It's completely fucking ridiculous though.

I went to rehearsal yesterday where I wasn't really needed, but I figured I'd get a good look @ how the show looked since I'm not in this cast. For it going up today I think we're in some trouble...just a tad. Some of the cast hadn't even memorized their lines yet. This cast is mostly made up of beginners and when they go up tonight, for the first time, it may be a little nerve wracking. Personally I don't think they had enough rehearsal time. By the end of the rehearsal I had to stand in for one of the cast members where everyone was laughing b/c I was filling in for a guys role. It looked like we were lesbians up on stage...me with my short hair, and the girl I was with had long hair. It was hilarious! Modern day rendition of the play, is what we called it.

Okay, so this whole week I've been clogging up my arteries with fatty foods. It's yummy, but disgusting and since I've cheated all week I'm gonna finish off today with a nice burger from Harvey's for lunch. This is not usual of me @ all...I must be needing it. I took my sister yesterday to do her X-mas shopping. We did very well and she got everyone done in under 70. She's 8 and when she gets money she saves it up so that she can buy people presents when needed, or so she can buy herself stuff that my Mother wont. It's very cute. She likes to feel like she's mature like everyone else...sometimes she's more mature than I am. Haha!

So tonight I'm probably going to get to drink again. I hardly really drink so it should be alright. Only thing is I've gotta keep it down, cause I've got an audition tomorrow that I HAVE to be in tip top shape for. 12pm sharpe!! That and I also want to make it to my dance class in the afternoon. I've been slacking there.