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Monday, Dec. 09, 2002, 8:53 a.m.: my new pussy cat...

It's only minus 1 degrees today. That's very good news for me. This weather has really been taking it's toll on me, and although I have managed to NOT get sick...I know I can't escape it forever. So Friday we had our last performance. It went well...WAY better than we had expected. The new cast did amazingly well on stage, considering how nervous everyone was the night b/f in rehearsal. 'Not so new boy' invited me out a/f the performance to a party he was going to, but I decided to just head out with the cast like I had originally planned. I got smashed again, almost for free, and danced the night away. I have to admit, though, that it wasn't as much fun w/o 'nsnb' there. I actually missed him and was hoping he'd come in. I ended up staying later than everyone and going home to the bartender's place. She wanted me to meet her room-mate who she said I would really like. I was like 'fuck, o.k. I AM single'. He wasn't there and we decided to hook up the next night so that I could meet him. I got home @ a/r 5 in the morning, and had to be up for an audition in like 6 hours to go downtown. I was dreading it and I kept waking up all shaky and shit. I thought I was going to be ill, but managed to avoid it by drinking lots of water. All in all, 'nsnb' has become very protective of me over the course of the last little while. It's very cute and I really like it. He's really @ the front of my mind alot...in a healthy way.

My audition went okay, I think. I was completely wired and so I felt a tad off, but I did it all the same. Saturday I also picked up a kitten for my Grandmother, which she decided that she didn't want. So I now have a new baby kitten that I named 'Marcus' a/f Marcus Aeurelius. He's so god damn adorable...let me tell you. A/f that I went to a call-back where they kept me there for 1 1/2 hrs and made me read for two different parts. Again, the one that I thought I would be asked to read for was the psycho chick and then they switched it up on me and made me read for a part that I didn't do twice @ the first audition. Whatever. I didn't give a fuck, as long as I got to read for everything I'd be even happier, you know. 'Nsnb' had heard a/b the incident with the bartender and called me up to display a little bit of jealousy that he tried to cover up. B/c I am an extremely territorial person I knew how he felt. I don't know why I think these things are so adorable...I guess cause they're things I would do too. A/f that I went and got my kitten and gave him some love until we both fell asleep. I was exhausted and didn't even end up going out that night. Marcus and I slept together on my bed and I kept him company on his first night alone w/o his mommy. I felt like he was a new born baby for christ sakes...he kept waking me up. Sunday I was ready to abandon a script writing session so that I could stay and take care of the kitty. I cancelled and everything and then one of the girls called me up and told me how important I was to the group and how she was dissapointed that I couldn't come...so I said 'okay fuck it, I'm coming'. I'm glad I did too, cause I was being very ridiculous over Marcus and I would have been miserable if I had missed it. Although the whole time I was feeling a bit guilty for being away from him. Do I have a problem or what?? Anyways we got alot done on the script and where it's heading as a story and stuff. It was very productive. Then yesterday night I went to an X-mas party held by my vocal coach where everyone got up and sang karaoke. I was in no mood and was actually starting to feel sick so I left and went home to bed. I feel better today. I miss my kitty though.