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Thursday, Nov. 28, 2002, 8:44 a.m.: fetish...

Today I get to go and have my hair done. It's actually what I'm looking foward too...it's a/b the only thing I'm looking forward to. I'm thinking fo getting it cut so that I can start to grow it out. Short bangs and, I guess, layers cause it's all uneven @ the mo. This is the dreaded stage where you have to sufer through the nasty in- between stages. I'm going to get my stylist to show me how to style it so that I don't make a complete mess of it. I'm not one for blow drying or taking alot of time working it. I'd much rather just wash and go, but I think it's time for a change. I've had it short for a while now. This is so now like me to let it remain one length for this long of a time period. Get on it girl!!

Rehearsal went very well yesterday. I have to wear this stupid and ridiculous looking hat that I am not very pleased with. It was hard to stand on stage and not crack up laughing, with the knowledge of it being on my head and so out there. I just have to make sure I don't bust out laughing performance night. I have to go back tonight for final rehearsal...then tomorrow we go up.

It's fucking freezing out today. Not impressed with that one. Supposedly if it snows tomorrow we will be stuck with 120 days of winter. If it doesn't...our winter will be short and sweet. I'm crossing the fingers for now snow, obviously, but it's looking like it wants to throw down that fluffy shit on us. I think it's a Polish custom or some shit.

So it kinda sucks, cause I wont be able to go to a dance class until Saturday. I'm just too busy and the classes fall @ all the wrong times, in co-ordination with my schedule. Saturday I HAVE to haul ass and find 3 more girls and then call them all up and confirm this shit...for the dancing. Then I have to get a move on picking music that will fit. He gave me his ideas and personally I don't like them, but we'll work with it...and, I'll have my back-up choices. Then I have to rehearse some movement and a bit of a routine. He wants to have an audition improv first and then we'll work on choreography. Whatever is cool with me. I'm just praying that this thing works out the way he sees it in his head...if not better!

I had the strangest dream yesterday. I dreamt that I was going a/r, house to house, selling some product. I'm not sure exactly what it was I was selling, but everyone was turning me away. I was getting nowhere as a sales 'person'. And all the homes I was going to were so close together and everybody looked all eerie and shit. In one house there lived this Egyptian guy, and I don't know how I knew he was Egyptian, except for the pyramid design in the front portion of his house. So he comes to the door in a white robe and opens the door to me and there's all this gold inside his home. B/c I have a severe Egyptian fetish I'm feeling drawn into this house and he turns me away. No sale! Analyze that shit! I could give a few of my own, but I wont bother right now.