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Friday, Nov. 29, 2002, 9:32 a.m.: another trippy day...

So I went and got my hair done. Instead of straight dye on my whole head, I went for a head of alternating black and red highlights. It looks good. She only cut it a little...gave it some shape so that I can start to grow it out. I figure if it starts pissing me off, then I can always just chop it off. @ least I have the option with longer hair, cause with short hair I'm really limited. So we'll see how it goes for now. She styled it really nice too, and hopefully I'll have the patience to keep it up. I managed to get several auditions off the board too a/f my appt. So my trip through killer fucking traffic was well worth it.

@ rehearsal we managed to totally screw up and make a laughing stock of one of the plays. Well, I was the one howling in laughter. It's so funny how when you're not suppose to laugh it makes you crack up that much more. Luckily I was in a garment that covered both my face and my body and nobody noticed just how much I couldn't contain myself. The only person who started laughing along with me was 'not so new guy', and he managed to get control of himself...whereas I, on the other hand, was just hysterically going. The girl who is my partner is completely oblivious to how the play is run and luckily I am the one leading, but that leaves me to make sure that it runs smoothly. Tonight I have to go and set up back-stage so that it will, for sure, run the way it is suppose to. It was very funny though...I got a good laugh out of it. Let's all cross our fingers that the show runs beautifully tonight...I'm counting on it.

My 'not so new guy' seems to be warming up to me more and more everytime we get together. It's sort of nice to see the subtle changes in him. They are, infact, so subtle and slowly progressing that I can really see them happening. Why does he have to be so beautiful...not that I mind @ all, but it is complete torture to watch this boy and know that he is still not mine. In time, though, in time...he will be. Remember that dream I mentioned yesterday a/b the Egyptian guy turning me away @ his home, in the white towel. Well, yesterday 'not so new guy' had with him a white face cloth he was using as a prop. It had these sandy color imprints on it and it turned out that it was stains from sand in Egypt. Hello!!! I, of course, wanted it a/f that. Now, according to my dream books...dreams apparently symbolize in opposites. I hope this shit it true, cause that means my Egyptian man turning me away in his white robe means some Egyptian receiving me in a white robe...enter 'not so new guy'. Trippy shit eh? I think so.