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Monday, Nov. 25, 2002, 8:43 a.m.: events and crazy shit...

I hardly even noticed that another w/e went by. Friday I had my first ever experience on a film set. I'm not a virgin anymore, boys and girls. It went well. It was a little fucking weird having cameras in your face, but I got use to it in a/b 10 mins. I wrapped my scene early and took off, I wanted to go see a movie with a friend of mine. I ended up being really tired and I had a LONG Saturday ahead of me so I decided to just go home and rest up.

Saturday pissed the fuck out of me. In the morning I got stuck on the hwy for almost and hr in traffic @ 9:30 in the am. I missed my vocal lesson...but got it re-scheduled free of charge, which was cool. Then came my travel, again on the hwy, to my dance class where I not only got stuck in traffic but the instructor never showed up to teach. Piss me off incident #2! But, we got our money back and a certificate for a free lesson, which made up for it. I also spoke with the owner of the building who said he'd hook me up with a bartending job if I wanted in his music club in the basement. Okay, so it wasn't a wasted morning...not so far. A/f that I flew over to an audition where 'not so new guy' was casting. I was kind of dreading the fact that I had to walk in and see him, so I made a decision that I would ignore the fact that it was him. I mean, it was strange but I did it...a/f settling in. I got the part for that one...apparently on my own, which I hope is the truth, cause I don't want any fucking hand-outs. Especially from him! If I can't get something on my talent alone...I DON'T FUCKING WANT IT!!! Okay, I may be being slightly ridiculous, but you know what I mean here, right? I went out to eat with him a/f and spent the rest of my drive home trying to convince myself that I didn't have feelings for him. I mean, he's completely rigid, uptight, a god damn control freak! What is so great a/b him?! He made me feel like I had to be on my best behavior in the restaurant. I felt like I was in the prescence of someone who was grading me AND he coems across very arrogant. So tell me, what do I see in this asshole? I don't know.

Sunday I got up and got ready for another audition where I bumped into 'not so new guy' again. Fuck! I wanted to ace this audition so I didn't let him bother me. I went in and read for all 3 female (obviously haha) parts. I figured I'd try them all. In the end she said she'd ask me to read for the one that she saw me in. Once I finished one of the women in the room screamed out 'Angela' which was the lead character. She's the one who ends up killing everyone in the story. But, the director asked me to read again for another chick who was this really vulnerable character. I thought for sure out of any of them it would be two out of the three, but never this part. So, fuck, I read it again in a diferent way. I hope I get one of them. I don't give a shit which one, I just want a range of characters to play. Looks good on my resume.

A/f that I went and finished filming. It was awesome...we did the club scene where I got to dance a/r like a freak and just have a good time. I never made it to the wrap party @ night cause I had my little cousin's b-day to go to. By the time it came a/r I was so tired. I can't wait to see the finished product. The guy who did my make-up was loving me, telling me I looked like Gena Gershon. He was a gay boy who did me up as this totally dramatic, over the top harlot. It was fun. We exchanegd numbers so that we could keep in touch. All in all it was a good w/e. I have to apologize for not showing to the wrap party though. I really wanted to go but I was so tired.