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Thursday, Oct. 31, 2002, 9:07 a.m.: HAPPY HALLOWE'EN

Yesterday I went and did my call-back for the freak out scene. This time I got to do it with the actual actor. O.k. now this guy was fuckign HOT!! We did this scene where we're eating dinner together and he leans into me and says this shit to me where what he really wants to do is kill me. This guy freaked me out and stared so deep into my eyes that I was stuck to him. Then we re-inacted a scene where he chases me into a room and tries to kill me. It went well adn then we reversed it where I was hurting him. So, I'm in this skirt and I'm trying to maneuver a/r this guy and I end up straddling him on a chair in my skirt. It just developed out of the scene naturally...in the end I was straddled over him and he's on the gound and I'm wailing away...and I go and forget my lines. I stopped and was like 'Uhhh, what was my line again'. Everyone started laughing cause I think the line was something like 'Don't ever try to fuck with me'. I hope I get the part. It looks like it would be fun to do it with this guy. NO, not fuck him...do the scene. I mean, he is totally fuckable but he thinks he's god's gift, and I disagree, so he not that worth it to me.

Today is HALLOWE'EN. Fuck yea!!! Tonight I'm going to start by taking my little sister out and then I'm getting fucked. I have alot of spider webs by my window here, you know. It's kinda gross, but it fits the theme today. Tomorrow I'm going to have to clean that shit up. Ewww, yesterday I went and bought a 6 inch sub and I found a fuckign hair in it. We're not talking a little short hair here...I'm talking a LONG strand. Nasty! And I was fighting with the guy there b/c I had a Subway card from like 98, filled with stickers and he wouldn't let me use it. Now what fucking difference does it make if I went to Subway in '98 or in 2002...I still bought the fucking food. I explained all this shit to him, but he was worried a/b getting in trouble. Hey, whatever...he did give some free cookies though. O.k., but the hair was completely disgusting. I should have drove the damn corner of that sandwich back over to his sorry ass and threw it @ him, but it was late and I was not really willing. By 12 my friend and I were gettng weird...we were playing with these m&m dolls she had, giving them voices and shit and laughing hysterically. It was quite amusing. Thinking a/b it is making me laugh.

Rehearsal for the play was funny too. The character I am doing has got to be the funniest in the play...well, me and my Lord. They are so over the top and grand you can't help but laugh. I laugh just listening to the guy that plays my Lord. It was so cold though in our rehearsal space...I was freezing my damn ass off. So, I hope I get lots of candy tonight. I'm going out with my sister and I'm gonna trick-or-treak too. I can pass for a 12 year old in my costume.