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Friday, Nov. 01, 2002, 9:27 a.m.: ME...

Today is All Saints Day. It's a Christian holiday, where you go and visit all your dead relatives. All I remember a/b this particular day is going to the grave yard to see my grandfather. I think I may head over sometime soon and drop him and my grandmother some flowers. Actually, it's kind of pointless to drop the flowers...I think I'll just go and talk for a bit.

I'm not exactly totally coherent right now. I've had 4 hrs of sleep and I just spent the last 20 mins pulling off my fake nails. They fucking hurt like hell, let me tell you. I couldn't just stick them on with the little sticky things they give you. I had to go and buy the adhesive glue so they wouldn't fall off. They stayed on all night, but when you take them off it feels like someone is pulling your nails right off their beds. I think I busted my knee too, cause it feels like I pulled something. It never fails...no matter what shoes I wear, unless I'm barefoot. Fuck. The club we ended up @ was okay. Free cover and a mix of music. Personally I would have wanted to listen to house and trance, but we gotta keep everyone happy. Next time, though, we're going to MY place. Yes we are. We had a good time though. Everyone looked hot to me yesterday. I must be really horny. I ended up dancing with this Spanish guy who reminded me of 'not so new guy'. Jesus, this guys body was HARD and he knew how to move, but it wasn't 'not so new guy'. I don't know why it should even matter to me, but it does...a tad...and that's all I can say a/b that.

So for the 'part' where I wailed on that guy. They called me up yesterday and said that I had been one of the girls picked, but they still had it narrowed down to a few. They asked me if I would be comfortable with brief nudity. Brief? What is brief? Well, for short flashes I would be pictured naked from the waist up with blood all over me. Nope, sorry. The guy was cool he said, 'oh, don't worry we could always find a body double'. I don't think I'm going to get it cause of that. Oh well. I'm not exposing my body until I'm rich and famous baby!! Well, unless someone's got me on tape somewhere and I don't know a/b...then, I have no choice.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with some friends from my Theatre group. Then we're going to go catch a friend in a play. Should be fun. It's beautiful out today, cold but nice. I'm feeling good.