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Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2002, 9:05 a.m.: dying another day...

Okay I did two more auditions yesterday night. I did my 2 hrs @ the gym and then sped to where my audtions were. The first one was normal, ususal. Then the second I was given a write up to read over. It was a psychological thriller and I thought I was going to have to go in and improv another freaky scene for them. I went in and did my psycho monologue and then they got me to read for the evil girl...of course. I did it amazing. I felt it, totally. I've got this look for all these kinds of parts. I like it, but I also want to look and be versatile too. I'm actually going to go and buy a wig so that I can go in a read some parts with another look. I can totally fake them out...they'll never know the difference. As long as it doesn't fall off me, and I'm going to get a expensive one so that it looks real and WILL stay put. So, a/f my auditions I was starving to death and my muscles were killing me b/c I had no fuel in my system. I went home, ate and watched my QAF. I really hope the new season comes on soon, cause I need to see Brian again.

The work on my soon to be home is in progress. The contractor just came in and was talking a/b some of the work and what was going to be done to my part. Apparently I'm getting two sky lights in my main room...should be fucking wicked. I said I'd probably end up sleeping in there, watching the stars @ night...or the thunder. I'm looking forward to it, but @ the same time I'm dreading it cause I know I can't stay there for too long. Cest la vie.

I can't get over the new Madonna song/video. It's awesome!! I could watch it over and over again...like I did yesterday when it was on all the music channels one a/f the other. She's HOT!!