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Monday, Oct. 28, 2002, 9:38 a.m.: Lestat...

Little note to my good friend Jodie. I hope you had one of THE greatest Birthday's ever!!! The big dayis approaching fast and I want all the gossip. Let me know when you get my little package. Love you.

I'm telling you, this girl is the coolest chick I've known. I haven't ever met her in person, but when I see what goes on in her head I know that she and I would have a ball together. We will, though, I'm sure meet up in person one of these days. I know we'll be friends forever.

Okay so, Friday I almost missed my audition cause I was running down the wrong street looking for the place. Once I finally got there I had to go in right away. There was a guy inside who welcomed me and told me that he was an actor and that the director wasn't there that day. I thought that was sort of strange and thought to myself..well, why the fuck am I here then. I then saw the camera and eased my mind by figuring that he would later see my tape. Okay, whatever. So he sat me down and explained the scene to me with expert precision. I began to think that this guy was completely full of himself. I mean he was an actor and he was going on and on and on. Finally we did the scene. He stopped me once and had me read another way. He was amazing, I loved the way he did the scene with me. A/f we were finished he asked the camera chick to take full body length shots of me and a close up. He then thanked me for auditioning and told me that, in fact, he was the director. I laughed...it was good! He said he just wanted me to relax. The fact that he was an actor wasn't what made me relax in the first place...it was more how he directed. I thought he was amazing. Okay, so I left quite satisfied with my performance.

Saturday I spent my morning getting out any frustrations I have @ the gym. Then I headed up to an audition where nobody was there. I was pissed b/c I spent half and hour wasting my time. I was in no mood to wait a/r for anyone to call me back. So I left. I did, though, get a call re: another audition I had done a week ago. They let me know that they liked how I did the part and want me back to rehearse with the lead guy. It was the one where I had to improvise a freak out scene where some guy was trying to kill me and then, on the other end of the spectrum, a scene where I take pleasure in returing the favor to this same man. Yea, should be fun. I think I kill him in the end. I hurt my foot and busted my hand doing this audition. I guess it was worth it.

Yesterady was a semi relaxing day. I went over to see my parents and was totally disrespected. I ended up eating by myself in the family room and watching 'Queen of the Damned'. I am very impressed with the actor who played Lestat. In fact, I want to eat him alive...I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. A/f it was done I left and went to visit my other relatives who really give a shit a/b me. I really relate to Lestat you know. I love him.