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Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2002, 9:01 a.m.: fun...

I'm on the road to recovery. One more day and I'll be back to new.

I went out and bought some shit for Hallowe'en yesterday. I think I'm either going to do the traditional witch, vampire or sorcoress (sp). I basically have a costume for those w/o having to go and spend a shit load of cash. I wanna feel like a little kid again going out for some candy. Just my candy will be dancing, alcohol and boys...There's going to be Hallowe'en house party @ my frinds place the w/e of, where we'll all dress up.

Thursday, the day of, I want to go dancing. Walk the streets in full costume...it's so fun to see everyone all done up. I think the most hilarious costume I ever saw was last year when this guy came out naked with a massive dick. When I say massive I mean MASSIVE, strapped onto a pair of briefs. It was hysterical and he bypassed the line and got in free. We talked a/b it for a whole week a/f, and it'll be the story every Hallowe'en.

Today I'm going to take a drive down to check out the audition board. I'm a/b 1 week over due, so there should be lots to audition for. I also have to set up a photo shoot with a photographer so that I can get professional head shots done. I might as well spend the cash and do it now. I also decided to buy a wig so that when an audition calls for a certain character, I can switch it up. Cause, I feel like I'm being judged and stereotyped with my short cut. I think I'll invest in a shoulder length dark wig. Well, I guess I'll try a bunch on and see how they look. Should be fun!