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Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2002, 9:18 a.m.: rain rain go away...

Yet another day. Today is a cold and rainy one. I had the most fucked up sleep yesterday night...tossing and turning. I was getting so fucking frustrated I wanted to scream. The bed @ my Grandmother's place is THE most uncomfortable bed I've ever had to sleep in. I think I would much rather sleep on the floor, b/c I bet it would be more comfortable. So I ended up getting up late and then finally ebing late for this here work. You know, when the weatehr is shit it effects everyone. Traffic was so slow when normally @ that time the roads would be clear.

Sick as a dog...well, not that sick but I went to my audition yesterday night. Who did I see?? Not so new guy...once again. I'm telling you, we are meant to be together and someone knows it. Nothing is just a coincidence. That's all I can say a/b that. He will be mine.

I went shopping for a bit too, b/f the audition. Picked up some new music and a new eyeliner...oh, and a pair of pants. They're Spanish style, pin stripped with a high corsetted waist line. Fucking awesome!!!! I have to get them shortened a bit b/c I am such a midget. You know, I went to the doctors and it turned out I am only 5'1, not 5'2 like I thought. Nice. Wait till I'm old and gray. I'll be standing @ fucking 4'7 or some shit. The rest of my family is average, you know.

Jodie's birthday is coming up and I have something special for her. Yeah, yeah!! I hope she likes what I picked out for her.