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Monday, Oct. 21, 2002, 12:18 p.m.: and so it goes...

I am sick. It sucks...

I had a long weekend, full of rehearsals and performances and shit. Saturday actually turned out very well for us and the kids. Aside form the fact that I was stuck with two of the most obnoxious children known to man, on stage with me. When I asked them questions on stage they had no fucking answers, but as soon as I moved onto everyone else on MY panel they started acting like little monkeys. Shaking their asses, making farting noises, you name it. I brought my little sister cause she says some of the funniest things, and she did on stage. She had the audience laughing the most. She's the best!!

I had an awesome audition on Sunday. The parts were amazing...I really hope I'm part of that production, for sure. The director was really cool too. On the Friday, b/f I went out, I had an audition where I had to improvise a scene where I was being chased into a room and someone was attempting to murder me. I made myself dizzy doing that one...I was freaking so much. Then I had to switch to a scene where I was beating the shit out of the guy who tried to kill me. For that one I hurt my foot and fucked up my hand. Until I had a drink in me I was in pain. I thought it was fun...different from any other audition I've been to, so far.

I saw my loser ex on the street on Saturday a/f my performance. Of course, we locked eyes and he threw me a strained and brutish wave. I froze again cause it's always weird seeing him, although as soon as I got into my car a/f the show I had a flash of him through my head. I've really been getting alot of premonitions lately...it's very surreal. Friday as I was stopped @ a stop light, on my way to my audition, I looked down @ a new complex that was being built and I got deja vu. Then it flashed in my head where I got it from...I had dreamt a/b the place like years ago and the whole dream was playing in my head. I'm not exaggerating either when I say years. It was fairly freaky to me, but it was like I knew I was on the right path. I was so aware @ that moment that I was right where I should be. It was nice. And so the journey continues...