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2002-10-18, 11:48 a.m.: DANCE...

I'm really loving this new Madonna track, for 007. It is pretty damn good. The video is fucking kick ass too.

I had another audition that went well. For this part, if I get it, they told me I'd have to dye my hair dark. They said they'd cover the cost and they would send me to a salon to get it done. For this shoot, the character has 6 shooting days, cause she's in the whole thing.

I still haven't heard back a/b that 'witch' part I REALLY wanted. I'm still crossing my fingers for it though....seriously. It would mean so much to me to get that role.

I had rehearsal yesterady for our Saturday show. I thought we were going to do a whole run of it with the kids, but NOOOOOOOO. It was just us!!! I decided I'd go first for the show...get it over and done with. Saturday I'm going to have to think hard a/b my questions and shit. I have to basically cram for a performance. I hope it goes well. I'll do my best.

I just took off and got my blood work done. I heard the blood rushing into the viles. I never look @ it, cause I can already see it in my head.

Tonight I'm heading out to an 'actors' 'get-together' and then....Yes, ladies and gentlemen I'm going dancing. I'm dying to dance right now it's hurting me. I can't wait, if I think a/b it I get all jittery.