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2002-10-17, 9:15 a.m.: stepping on...

O.K. boys and girls. I had my call-back audition yesterday night. I think it went amazing! Of course I always think I'm the best out of everyone that's there auditioning for my part. The only thing that may work against me is if the director is picky a/b certain 'looks'. I mean, I have short read hair and it's kinda spikey and messy. If he's real particular on how each character looks then I don't think I'll get the part. Other than that I think I'll get it. If I don't...oh well...onto another one.

I auditioned too for a short film where I got to read for two parts. One was the seductress part and the other was for this tough ass chick. The director was awesome in how he got me to do the scene w/o looking @ the script. For such a young tike I though he was great. I had a good feeling a/b that part too, but we'll see. I'm definately going to take his advice on how to read a script and apply it to my readings in the fututre. Like tonight when I go to another audition, I'm going to do it the way he suggested.

I had a dream yesterday night a/b a lawn full of fig trees. I'm not even sure if figs grow on trees, but according to my dream book it's a VERY good sign. Some unexpected fortunate happening is on the way (figs) and the tree symbolizes great fortune as well. I wonder what it could be?? I didn't even remember the dream until I read an e-mail form a friend of mine that talked a/b a fig tree.

Do I believe in fate? Yes, I do. I think that everything happens for a reason. I believe we are all here for a purpose and that everyone takes certain paths to reach them. The universe has a very distinct way in letting us know who we are to be aware of, who we can learn from, etc. I say this b/c it is my justification for this not so new boy syndrome I have. We have met, by chance, way too many time and I know that he has been put in my life for a reason and I in his for a reason too. That would explain my inability to get him completely out of my mind. He has things that I lack and I have things that he lacks and so we must learn to move onto the next level...whatever that is. I don't know that part yet. Just thought I had to add that.