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2002-10-11, 9:24 a.m.: fucking busy!

Went out to another audition yesterday. I played an emotionally distant woman. Wasn't too hard of a stretch...it's very easy for me to pull myself out and away from someone. I've trained extensively for 6 years. It's one scene and hopefully I'll get it...one day of shooting. It will definately be an experience and something to add to my resume. The director was cool...he said I nailed the character...go figure, eh?

I stopped in @ the mall b/f my audition. Big mistake!!! I spent money I shouldn't have, but left in a good mood. I kept thinking to myself...I shop when I'm upset, I shop when I'm happy...this is becoming a problem. It use to be that I only over shopped when I was sad, now it's on a whim...spur of the moment. Oh well, I got some nice shit. I still, however, need to buy winter boots. Yea, I didn't get that far cause I'm suppose to go shopping with my girl-friend tonight. Haha!

The weather is finally changing and the leaves are starting to turn and fall. This is a dreaded moment for me. I don't like the fall and I don't like the winter, unless it's to look @ all the lights bouncing off a huge snow fall. It's more like the picture perfect part that I like a/b it, but not the rest. Some people love all the big sweater weather. Yuck! Although, I like the shopping part of it...you know, the whole get a new wardrobe b/c of the change of season. Mind you I can only get away with this shit cause I'm staying with my Grandmother. If I wasn't...well, it would still be okay though really. I'm just taking advantage right now cause I can, you know.

So Thanksgiving w/e for us. I'm heading up north to meet with my family @ the cottage. It'll make it really feel like Thanksgiving, you know. Which leads into Monday being a holiday.

Oh ya, and my ex from JAIL called me yesterday...during the fucking DAY. I told him never to call me during the day and he goes and breaks that rule. I was pissed. I told him he'd have to call me later and he never did. Not that I would be jumping to talk to him though...FUCK, I'm busy. He's like a child that I am not willing to deal with.

I want to go dancng this w/e, but I don't think it'll happen till next. Saturday I'm going to go see 'Red Dragon'. I'll let you know how it is.