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2002-10-15, 9:17 a.m.: Thanks for giving...

Long weekends. My time to recover from any kind of ailment. It's fucked cause I may feel fine, but if I start relaxing I begin to feel sick. I guess I'm much more aware of how I feel when I've stopped moving. I took all yesterday to relax. There are some seriously shitty shows on these days.

Sunday we all went up north to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I drove. It was nice. Then we watched 'Black Hawk Down'...I think that's what it was called.

Saturday night, a/f a day of shopping (again), FUCK...I went to see 'Red Dragon'. Beautiful movie!! Very trippy, not too much gore and shit...much more psychologicaly testing. I was with a friend of mine and she was so freaked that I stayed with her @ her place, cause she didn't want to be alone. Anthony Hopkins was brilliant, as usual. He plays such an amazing psycopath. I highly recommend this one. Ralph Finnes was very good too...this fucked up side sheds a whole new light on him.

Friday was more shopping with another friend. I bought my winter boots and when I say bought...I really bought them. They're so awesome though, so I don't give a fuck. They're my clubbing boots too. Speaking of clubbing I want to go this Friday out dancing. Actually, there's this fetish party going on Saturday night and I'd love to go to that, but I have a performance going on...so Friday it is. I know I'm trying to really buckle down and work hard @ getting my career going, but I'm never going to have these years again in my life. I need to take advantage of them now and this is the time to party and have fun. I've gotta balance it all out.

The ex from jail called me up on Saturday. We had a good conversation actually, I was surprised. I mean our conversation totally flowed...it was nice. I hate that he always gets into shit cause he's a brilliant individual. On the other hand he isn't too bright cause he always gets fucked over. I mean, if three times in jail doesn't tell you something I don't know what will. I always wish him the best, but I can't get too involved with him. I know that.

Today I have two more auditions. Cross your fingers for me. ;)