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2002-10-10, 9:08 a.m.: more drama...

Seriously...what's up with people?

I had rehearsal yesterday. It went well, we read for the parts the director saw us in. Not so New boy#1 was there and testing my patience again. I don't know why he chooses to act like such prick. We started to get mean, yesterday, with each other. It starts out as fun and then we both push it to passed the point. We left w/o even saying goodbye. I mean, it's obvious we have feelings for each other I don't know why we're being so stupid a/b it. He mad me angry though yesterday I had to attack him a few times...cause he wasn't being fair. Boys.

This other guy was there again too, who is really funny to be a/r. He's got this great sense of humour and he's much more giving with his experiences. He's really bold too. The way he found his agent was fucking hilarious and quite amazing too. I really like him. He's got this great vibe a/b him.

In other good news. I got calls from both my Monday auditions. I got one part and have to go for the call-back for another. It was pretty shocking cause I didn't think I did well @ the audition. Who knew. Tonight I've got another one over here in my end. I've got the script for it, so now I just have to go over and over. Wish me luck.