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2002-10-02, 9:31 a.m.: plays and stuff...

I got the play to read. It's in this HUGE book full of plays. I think I'm gonna read a bunch of them now that I have this. I wen to the library to pick it up, cause I had it on hold, and I ende dup parking right behind my sister. She was there doing some homeworkk. I looked all over the library to try and find her, but I couldn't. I went up and through all three floors. Then some bitch cut infront of me in line to sign out books. I was like ' Shit, even @ the library people bud.' She had two kids with her too who were fucking ridiculously unruly, and she didn't seem to mind the fact that they were cutting infornt of everyone. I mean, she looked right @ me. Rudeness. I really couldn't be bothered to tell her how rude she was, so I just spoke loudly to myself a/b it while I waited behind her.

I managed to get to the gym yesterday and work out on the spin bikes. It was refreshing and then I went to have a great dinner. My sister came to see me a/f, cause I had left her a note on her car telling her I was looking for her.

I think I may end up moving downtown with a friend of mine, instead of into my parents new place. Actually, it's not that I might...I will, it's just a matter of when she moves there. I would rather live downtown anyways...I want to be in the centre of everything. I hope it works out. It sucks when you have to depend on other people, but @ this point I really don't have a choice. I just have to deal with it. I think it will be fun to live with 2 other girls. They're dykes so it SHOULD be much easier to get along too. I'm stressing the word should here.

Tonight is another Theatre meeting. See what she's got in mind for her next production.