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2002-09-10, 10:12 a.m.: time to prepare...

I watched the biography on Kid Rock yesterday. Not only did I think he was a sleazy looking HOT boy when I first saw him, but now I'm in love with him. That guy went through so many ups and downs and still pushed his way through. He is truly inspiring and I feel some sort of connection to him as far as any male in comparison to myself. I'm drawn, obviously, to those who are similar to myself in any way. I think all people are. It's a reminder that you're not alone in the fight. It's comforting I guess. As much as you want to be set aside from others, you take comfort in the trials that they've suffered. Your similarities draw you together. It calms you and relieves the pressure. It's just one of those ironic things.

In other news: My audition got pushed to next Wednesday. The producer called me and said that they couldn't do them this week and had to push them till later. Gives me a week to get into character...it's cool with me. I'm wondering if I should get my hair done for it? @ the same time I figure if I leave it, I can get it done for the actual filming (if I get the part for sure) so it's brighter and reder and holds longer. Tonight, I'm heading down again to work the doors for the festival. I feel less tired finally! I went to the gym yesterady and pushed myself to the limit. It's crazy how hard and fast I can work when I've been off for a week. It's almost as if I feel I have to make up for the lost time or soemthing. I was kicking the instructors ass!! Okay okay, she ran a 10k the day b/f...she's forgiven.

A/f the gym I just totally relaxed. I SO needed it. My Grandmother was out for the night so it was peace and quiet. I really need my alone time...it's crucial to me. Otherwise I'm a cranky bitch. It's not a pretty sight...so I've been told.