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2002-09-09, 9:44 a.m.: got cut short here...

I finally got the call. What call, you ask? The call I've been waiting for for 3 weeks now. Wenesday I've got to audition for the director for that movie. I am now 1mm away from securing that part. I'm screaming with delight and excitement inside, but I'm trying to not let it get to my head. I want to be secure and calm for the call-back. Crossing my fingers still, I am.

Friday night I went to see 'VAREKAI'!!! Cirque de Soleil was awesome. As soon as it opened I got chills all over my body. All my hair stood up on end and I started to buzz throughout. I loved it! I bought a shirt and a mug. We decided we're going to go everytime they're in town. @ one point we said we were going to follow them all a/r, but then we came to our senses and said 'when they come to t.o.'.We got stuck @ my friends work a/f, supervising these two guys who were fucked out of their minds. Well not bothe of them, but one of them was so drunk he couldn't even walk. They had brought two girls in to the office when they weren't even suppose to be there. SO we stayed until they dragged both drunks into the car and left. That was @ a/b 3 am. I was so tired the next day and I had to go down to work the festival for 4 pm. When I got down there I had to stand on the street and hand out flyers again...to try to get people in to watch the screenings. I was in a short skirt with my ankle length black boots on with a 4 inch heel on them. My feet were fucking killing me by the end of the night. I had to cancel with the new boy#2 b/c I was so exhausted. He sounded a little upset...it was kinda cute actually. I was too damn tired to go out dancing for another 5 hours when I had just stood on the street for 3. Some of the screenings were too much for people to handle and they left. When it's an independant festival, you get movies with no ratings. It's like, watch @ your own risk. Many people freaked. I didn't though...