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2002-09-06, 8:57 a.m.: busy as a fucking bee...

It's Friday! Lots going on today. The International Film Festival is in town today. Party starts tonight. So all the stars are swarming a/r in T.O. @ this very moment. Well, actually they're probably still sleeping right now...somewhere I wish I was.

Yesterday night wasn't as long a night. We hardly had a rush of people so for 2 hours I stood on the street corner with flyers and a sign, and tried to entice people to come to the screenings. Yesterday night's main feature was a documentary on one of Anton Szandor Lavey's annointed priest's of 'The Church of Satan'. He's Native by blood and is an erotic artist who uses all bodily fluids in his art work. When I say all bodily fluids I really do mean ALL. So, in the first place I expected to be completely shocked by what I was going to see, but it turned out to be enlightening and not very shocking...for me @ least. My friend had to leave half way through cause she couldn't watch it. Some of his practises where far from the norm but in the context he put it in and when sided with his perspective it was just very natural and expressive. I'm use to the kind of shit he was doing though. I was practising it in my own way when I was younger...in my high school days. So, I could relate to what he was saying and doing. @ the same time, he glorified just another intitutionalized religion in the extreme. He provokes you to think and consider through being blatantly shocking and ritualistic. This documentary was a blast from the past. His art work was absolutely amazing too.

I was too tired to stay and watch the band a/f. If I didn't have to get up @ 7am I would have. Sucks! I talked to one of the guys who put togetehr the whole festival and he's going to hook me up with his agent. SO I have to bring him my resume and head shot asap. He said I'll definately get alot of work b/c I can look like so many different types and nationalities. I thought I'd be shafted b/c I'm only 5 foot 2, but apparently I'm in high demand b/c of all the short male leads a/r. He said as long as I'm good, I'll go far. One of the promotors was talking to me and he put it in a way that really sunk in. He said 'Actors have to realize that they're exactly like models, instead of modelling clothes they model characters'. 'They are a means to an end, only through them can the character be born and put on display.' I thought that was pretty god damn insightful. Cause I never really looked @ it quite that way.

Tonight I'm going to the circus!!! Yea, you know! Cirque de Soleil...I'm really excited a/b it!! I'm hoping to get out to the gym tomorrow morning and then I have to work for the festival @ 4. The new new boy I met @ the club called me back yesterday and I think we're going to hook up a/f and go out dancing. I'm not sure if I should go alone with him or take a friend. So far it's just me and him. We said we'd go dancing and then to an a/f hours if I wasn't too tired a/f. He's hot, he's sweet, he's only in town for 2 more weeks and then he's heading to Texas to do some modelling for 3 months. I think we'll have fun. I'm just kinda tired right now. I still haven't totally settled into my Grandmother's place, so I'm extra sleepy. Fuck, if I'm too worn out for Saturday night, I"m not going...that's for sure.