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2002-09-05, 9:01 a.m.: great night...

Opening night went well. The guests loved all of us. I didn't see anyone really famous, but there were alot of big wigs @ the party schmoozing it up. We were in charge of greeting the guests, ticking their names off and gettign their business cards. So Ian and I were going through all of them and writing down names and numbers and e-mails that we could use. It was fun. @ the end of the night we got free drinks, which didn't go over well with me. One shot and I wasn't seeing straight. Tonight we gotta go back and greet more people. I had alot of fun. It's a great way to see how things work in that kind of environment. You learn more by sitting back behind the scenes, listening and watching than you do by interacting. @ this point @ least. There was this publisher chick there...a real beautiful woman, who represents actors, singers, performers basically. I'm going to get her number off the producer of the festival and see if she can hook me up with anything. My friend's band played last night and they were awesome. They've got this great drum, percussion sound to them. It's very tribal and middle easterny. I loved it!! I could see myself using it in music I would make. The closing band was a group of blonde guys who tried to emulate Kid Rock. They sounded great, but some of the shit the lead singer was pulling could have been better. @ times he just looked cheesy. By the end of the night I was so enthralled with this publisher chick I practically didn't even say bye to my friend. I was drunk too, so my senses were over loaded and I was kinda just trying to listen to her and take it all in. I felt bad a/f too, cause I didn't even say bye to his wife. I've gotta apologize for that. I really like her...she's very intriguing. Tonight is another night. I hope it goes well. Lots of fun...lots of fun!

A RED Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Red Dragon on the inside. Remember Smaug? Yep, Red Dragon. Oh, my friend I'm in good company. Red dragons are the most vile and crafty of all the dragons. They are also the most dangerous of all dragons. As such they are the Fire Elemental dragons. Reds have a nasty tendency towards luring you in with quiet words and soft emotions, then wrapping their scaly tails around you and biting off your puny little human head. Fun, no?

But of course, Reds aren't all about killing and treasure hoarding. I like to invent creative traps, relax in the mouths of volcanoes, fly over vast forests looking for men ...er... sheep (yeah...), and pick fights. My favorable attributes are Summer, the sword, fire, courage, passion, will power, and leadership. If dragons went to war, they'd rally behind me in a snap. Well, me or a Copper Dragon. But those Coppers are wusses anyway, and I could beat one up to take command. In fact, I probably would considering my breath weapon is good old fashioned Fire, and plenty of it. Oh it's good to be the king.