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2002-08-26, 8:41 a.m.: weekend buzz...

Good thing we didn't get the tickets for Cirque for Saturday. By the time we were done moving, it was 9:30pm.

Brutal weekend! I moved everything out and into my Grandmother's place. A/f everything was finished we got ready and headed downtown for some dancing. I was exhausted already but I wanted to dance so badly. Again, not knowing where to go, to appease everyone's tastes, we walked a/r and checked out some places. We ended up @ a small club that use to be wicked, @ the height of the rave scene, down here. They tried to change the atmosphere by gearing to an 'older' more 'sophisticated' croud. We stood in line for 30 mins and watched as 4 hot heads threatened to call their brutes out to kick some ass. @ that point we were going to leave, but they took off and we went in. The croud was okay...not great, so I ignored them and started dancing. Later on in the night, my girlfriend pointed out this guy she saw @ the bar. I looked and agreed he was hot...very nice. I thought he was a bar tender there. As the night (or morning) came closer he started turning up again and again. @ one point he walked by us and as I looked @ him he saw me, caught my eyes, kept walking and then turned right back around and smiled. My girlfirend was like 'Fuck, he wants you'. Then he started to stand directly in front of me, watching me dance. I felt his stare and I pretended not to notice, until I wanted him to see me more. It was a scene right from the movies and I was laughing. He waited for the lights to come up and as we walked out, I looked @ him as I was passing and he stopped me. So, we talked a bit and exchanged numbers. He told me he was going to take me out to a nice restaurant, but I'd have to dress up in a little black dress. I was like 'Okay!'. It was funny shit...and I couldn't believe it. Usually guys @ clubs are so agressive and forward and you want to hit them. This guy was not @ all...well, a little but in a very smooth way. I'm wondering what's wrong with him. He called me the next day and wanted to get together, but I was so busy from moving. You know, if anything, he's fuckable. One of my girlfriends thought he was gay. I said 'Fuck, bring it on'. I'd take two of them!

So, besides the fact that I am the most disorganized person when it comes to moving...I had a good weekend. I can't believ how I am so methodical with everything else, but when it comes to moving I'm a lost soul. Anyways, we already planned to go out next Friday, I love dancing so much and haven't been doing nearly enough of it. Later in the morning, we stopped @ a store and this chick asks me if I'm from N.Y. I was like 'No,why would you ask me that' and she goes 'You just look very N.Y., the way you're dressed'. I said 'Thank you!'. That was a complete compliment to me.

I've gotta say, the only thing that sucks a/b my Grandmother's is that I have to sleep in a single bed. I know, I'm being a brat, but when you're use to a queen size, it's quite the difference. I can't move anywhere in the thing! I mean, give me a week and I'll get use to it. I always do.