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2002-08-23, 9:13 a.m.: crazy-mutha-fukkin-mood...

I went out yesterday and bought 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's the prelude to the first book of the series. This morning as I dropped my car off to get an oil change, I sat down in the waiting area and pulled it out to start it. Odly enough, the woman sitting next to me pulled out a book too. She pulled out the fucking 'Lord of the Rings', I was grinning @ the coincidence. It was pretty damn funny. Anyways, I never got past the first page cause my ride called me, but I'm going to read it every chance I get...and then one by one I'll read them all. Supposedly the next movie is coming out this December so I'll be right in the mood. I don't know if I could be any more in the mood for these movies, but hey, maybe maybe.

Cirque de Soleil is a GO!! Woo fucking Hoo!!!! I never talked to my girl friend, but her boss called me and informed me that we would be going to see it either Friday or Saturday. SO if it's tonight...I'd better get ready, and if it's Saturday we gotta get moving, cause I'M moving that day. You'd think she'd call me to tell me. I'll have to harass her ass today. That's a tongue twister for ya. ;)

I fianlly started packing up my shit. I ended up going to buy a pair of boots yesterday and adding to my collection of shoes. I'm such a freak a/b shoes. Oh, and a purse...I bought a new fall bag. So now I have more junk to take out of the place. I have already 4 garbage bags full and 3 boxes...and I have more to go. As for the booots, I decided that I'm not happy with my choice and I'm going to go exchange them. Now that I don't have to pay rent for another two months (or more, who knows how long it will take) I can spend (a bit) on clothes....my favorite thing to shop for. It's like really good sex for me...I get the same feeling of contentment.

News break!! I read in the paper that Gale Harold (let me cream myself here for a minute)...from QAF, was seen on his bike in Toronto heading over to one of the local clubs to see some friends perform. Okay, this isn't that out of the ordinary b/c he lives here in T.O. I mean, he was riding his bike for christs sake. One of the local reporters stopped him and chatted for a while as he graciously gave her his time. He's gonna give ME his time one day. I'm gonna marry this guy...haha, well I want to marry this guy. He's single and living in the city, and he's only single cause he hasn't met me yet. Although, I'm in lust with his Brian character...of course, I mean whose not?! What I wouldn't let that guy do to me. NOTHING!!! Yea you heard me!

I'm in a fucking crazy mutha fucking mood today. Don't know why...just am. Have a great w/e everyone...I know I will.