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2002-08-13, 8:59 a.m.: manipulate me baby...

Someone told me I wasn't a manipulator yesterday. I was talking a/b the role I 'may' play in the movie and I said how easy it would be to play the conniving manipulator. I was always under the impression that I was a manipulator and I've tried to control that tendency as I get older. It's good to know that 'she' doesn't see me that way. I can use that to my advantage now...haha. Just kidding. I wonder, how good a job I really have been @ controlling it. That was kind of ironic!

I've gotta start packing up all my shit in my apartment soon. I got a note posted on my door yesterday saying they have to come in and inspect the place. If there is any damage they'll have to charge me for the repairs. I have lots and lots of holes in the walls, which I have to fix up quick time. There's also alot of stuff there that wasn't in that great of shape when I got there, so they better not try to tell me I have to pay for that shit. Fucking ridiculous!! S better get over to my place so she can help me with the wall.

The girl I work with is on vacation again. She's got a/b 4 weeks of vacation time, since she's been here so long. Now we all know what it means when you're short staffed right? That's right...phones ringing off the hook, everyone coming in w/o appointments. Everything and anything that can be dissorganized will be.

So the good news is that the 'new guy' is coming back this w/e. You know, I'm really not that excited...but still happy. I respect him and value him as a good friend...amoung other things. ;) I'm going to the 'Oasis' concert with some friends this Saturday and then we're going out clubbing. Fucking yea!!! I'm SO dying to go dancing again. K, that sounded a little too fucking valley girlish.

Tonight I made plans to go out to dinner with my Aunt. We're going to this 50's style diner near her place. The walls are adorned with pics of old movie stars. She knew I'd like this place. They make really fattening greasy food there, and apparently the portions are so big that one can feed two people. So, of course we're gonna do the split meal thing. Save the money, but still enjoy the experience. They really make portions too big in almost all restaurants anyways.