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2002-08-12, 8:46 a.m.: exciting weekend...

Busy weekend and well worth it. Aside from the fact that I got into a scrap on Friday night with a friend of mine...she was just driving me insane. I know I am partly to blame for my anger and outburst and it's just my irritability with her negativity that just sets me off. I love her to death, but when she speaks she's always so god damn fucking negative and I can't stand it. I can only spend a couple days straight with her and then I have to get away. Seriously, I have to limit my contact with her b/c I get so angry a/f too long.

We went out on Friday night to a boat cruise party. I got pretty drunk and ended up giving my number to a football player. Yea, we were partying on the boat with a fincancial group and a group of our cities football players. We docked @ 11 pm and I wanted and needed to go home b/c I had the audition the next day. So a/f the fight with my friend we made up and I apologized for my wrong in the situation and she did for hers.

Okay, so audition day went well. Got there and was fairly confident that I could pull of the part. It was perfect for me. The chick from my old acting class was there and I watched as she spit out the most funny shit I've heard in years a/b her credentials. A/f witnessing her display of lying and thinking shit, this girl can't back up a thing she's saying...I figured fuck it, I'm going to go into every audition the same way spitting out my qualifications. @ least I HAVE the back ground and I can back my shit up. I never would go and just volunteer that kind of info, but looking @ the equation I'm realizing that in this game I have to brag and put it on. I'm up against stiff competition...some valid and others NOT valid. It's the latter that drives me up the wall and I wont sit there and be subjected to false talent w/o opening my mouth a/b ME. I brought a friend to the audition, to be safe and she (your best and worst critic) gave me her opinion on how it went. She said I said it the best and I fit it the best and we both noticed that the producer had extraordinary comments to say a/b me as opposed to the others. So now I just cross my fingers and pray that I stuck in their mind and that they think I can pull it off. Only down fall is that all the other girls are familiar with his friend, an independant film maker. The producer was talking to me alot so I hope hope hope I left him with a great impression. In the end all I can do is hope, but this would do me very good and help me in future work. It's a paid gig too. So everyone, please cross your fingers for me... I gotta wait for call backs and then I have to perform for the 'director'.

I spent that night with my little sister and she slept over @ my place. We rented movies and just hung out. It was refreshing. I love spending time with little kids. I mean, sometimes they can get on your nerves but, all in all it's fun. We watched 'Corky Romano' and she had a laugh. I hope she had fun with me. I was a little stressed, so I may have been a tad snappy @ some points. I tried to relax on Sunday, but of course we drove a/r and visited people and went out to lunch, etc.. I felt rested so I figure I didn't have to rest up @ my place, which was my original plan. Then in the evening, in the boiling heat, I watched a friend's soccer game. I couldn't believe these girls were running all a/r in the 40 degree weather, it was just insane. I was sweating just sitting on the bleachers. Then the ref kept calling all these crazy calls. He was being so picky it was pissing the crowd off. He must have called a foul throw @ least ten times in the game...PRICK!

Onto another week, and a hot one @ that. I'm happy a/b it cause I love the hot weather. Speaking of hot weather I've got to tkae a day off and go to the water park. That's something I have to do @ least once every summer, and I'd better do it soon.