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2002-08-09, 8:52 a.m.: wound up...

Okay, I got my hair done yesterday. We dyed it the redest red we could go w/o having to bleach it out first. It turned out pretty damn red and I'm quite happy with it. I fell in love with my new hairstylist...she did such a good job. I've decided to keep going to her. I mean, shit if we can't pamper ourselves every once in a while then what the fuck can we do? So hopefully I'll have enough $$ to do it with.

We worked all night on the 'head shots'. I didn't even get to eat dinner until 10:30. I guess for digital pics they came out pretty good, but there's still alot of shine in some areas. I will eventually need to get them done professionally, for sure. For Saturday though, these will have to do. I have 4 to pick from and I want the one that doesn't pin me down to one...actually fuck it, I don't have to worry that much a/b it.

Tonight I'm heading out on the lake on a boat cruise party with my Theatre Group. Should be fun...dancing and drinking never hurt anyone. I'm all wound up and excited so I'm going to cut this short today...