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2002-08-08, 8:53 a.m.: just another day in the life of...

Today I am getting my hair cut and dyed. I'm excited cause I need to feel different. Everytime I change my hair I feel changed, it's really refreshing. So, I get to leave today @ 2:30...shhhh. Then tonight I've gotta work on my head shot for the audition. I hope it works out!! It's already starting to drop in temperature here, which is really depressing. I love the hot hot weather. The feeling of it beating down on me and just piercing through me. It's almost as if it touches me right to the core. I need to go somewhere dry and hot. One day...

I'm the only one here right now...like usual, everyone is late late late. I'm in here every morning @ 8:30 setting up and getting started, and everyone else walzes in a/f 9. Okay I just found out that the head honcho here wont be in till 12 today. Fucking sheesh! I can't wait till we'll be moved into the new office. I'll get a whole waiting area to myself with a new desk and all new furniture. On top of that I'll have two massive windows on both sides of me so the sun can shine in brightly every morning, and all through the day. It'll be beautiful, I'm sure.

I started up my journal again. I've always written in a 'diary' and I still have all of them. It's funny to go back and see how I felt @ different points in my life...so strange. Some of the things I went through...and looking back seeing them for what they really are, when @ the time I was so oblivious. Aside from writing poems and song lyircs I write in this diary and I also write in a journal. Pieces of me are scattered everywhere...like a puzzle. Only I can put it together, or so I think.

So we're going to shoot the commercial next weekend. I'm going to the Oasis concert on the 17th so I hope I'll be able to shoot the commercial still. Actually I hope they don't fall on the same damn day so I can do both, but with my luck it'll be smack right in the middle. We'll see what happens. I smashed a weight on my finger yesterday @ the gym, right on my nail. I have a droplet of blood hanging a/r in there and everytime I type with it it hurts...ouch!

I went and did my Grandmother's hair yesterday b/f the gym. I have to go back and finish it off cause I was missing a tool I needed to give her the finishing touches. When I move out of my apartment, theres' going to be a waiting period in between when I can move into my new place. I decided to stay with my Grandmother...she'll enjoy the company. She likes feeling like a caretaker. I love her so much. She's an amazing strong woman and she deserves to be so happy. I'll make her happy for the time I spend with her. Aside from her severe paranoia, she's a great person...and really she knows no better.