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2002-07-26, 8:41 a.m.: last day of my week...

My apartment has a biter. Apparently there's a couple who wants it but they need it earlier than the end of the month. I'm set with my new place too. I got the call yesterday saying that her roommate was out this Friday and I could be in by Sept. 1st. Now I just have to find out if it's okay for me to be in earlier...just a bit earlier. Only problem is that I have no parking and I'll have to find a spot to park my car every night. I may have to look into paying someone to leave my car on their property. I don't think that'll be too hard, considering money talks. So, I have to move again...I've gotta get ready to have everything thrown out of the loop again. If I was a famous star this wouldn't be so bad cause I'd pay people to do all of it for me, but I have to literally get in there and pack up everything and move it out and into the new place. *Star light, star bright* I've got this awesome glass table that I'm going to have to store somewhere cause I want that table when I can use it again. I fucking love that damn table!

I think I managed to dream a/b the 'new guy' yesterday. I say I think cause I can't rememebr totally, but I know it wasn't a/b the ex. He's still kinda haunting my thoughts though. Like, sometimes I have to shake things out of my head cause they just keep spinning round and round in there. It's tough though cause everywhere I go I can remember being somewhere with him. Not so much good memories as just memories, cause usually we were in some state of dissaray or I was in a rage or some shit. He was a complete asshole sometimes and it drove me crazy, literally. Since I'm going to be moving to an area that I've never been to with him, it'll be good in washing the thoughts away. I don't want to erase the history I just want to hit the stop button, cause I'm on rewind right now. Nostalgia...gotta love it.

On a POSITIVE note...it's Friday! I went out and saw the new Austin Powers movie yesterday. I can't remember a movie that's been so disgusting and funny @ the same time. I found it really short though, in comparison to the others. I like 'Foxxy Cleopatra'! Now that I don't have to scrounge up cash for my place I actually have spending money. Pretty exciting, I must say.

O.K. the weather is crap and I'm depressed. It never fails you know, everytime it's like this I feel like shit. I'm going to try to think good thoughts now. I went tanning yesterday for 10 mins and I fell asleep in there. Can you believe it?! When it shut off I almost had a heart attack. I must have been really really tired. I was hallucinating too in my semi-consciousness and they were fucked up visions. I fell asleep still.