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2002-07-25, 8:54 a.m.: PAY DAY

Again. I ended up dreaming a/b him again! This time we were shopping for food...I think. I kinda wish it would stop, but @ the same time it's really my only contact with him. I wonder if he's trying to reach me in my dreams. If so, I don't know why he'd choose the food stuff.

So, my apartment is being shown again today between 2 and 6pm. Fuck. Now I can't go home a/f work. I'm not happy a/b leaving this place, you know, but I know it's the best thing to do. I'm probably going to be hysterical when I leave, again. Oh well, what can I do. I'll just have to let out a big laugh a/f.

My theatre group was holding an improv night yesterday, but I chose to go to the gym instead. Where, I might add, she tried to kill us. We've come to realize that whenever there's guys in the class (especially new ones) she pushes extra hard. On top of that, I had a bike with new break pads on it so it was harder than usual...very stiff, and not in a good way. @ the end of the class, cause no way no how am I going to stop pushing on that thing, I was so dizzy I had to take serious deep breaths. The room we spin in has no ventillation and I was @ the back of the class, so I didn't even get the luxury of the fan. We had this huge roll out fan that we put on full blast, to keep the air circulating so we all don't pass out. Oh, it was brutal! I didn't even stay to shower there cause the change rooms are hot too and I didn't want to end up on the floor.

So, we've got the Pope here for 'World Youth Day'. You know, I was raised a catholic, but I disagree with many of the dogmas held by the catholic church. This whole bringing together of people from all over the world to meet in one place and celebrate the religion is pretty cool though. The energy released is amazing. Too bad it's not more a/b unity for ALL, instead of just for one particular religion. I guess you can't blame them though, considering they believe that their way is the 'way of god'. Whatever. Canada's a perfect place to be b/c we have so many different cultures here in the city that everyone has a place to stay while they're down here. I think the language barrier is probably the hardest thing to deal with, and here we can pull it off.

Exhausted. That's what I am today. I think I need a banana. Hey, that was not suppose to be a sexual thing!

I think tonight I'm suppose to be meeting with the chick whose place I may be sharing. I've gotta call and find out. Today for lunch, I'm going to have smoked oysters...they are so fucking yummy. Oh, and it's PAY DAY!!!

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