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2002-07-11, 10:06 a.m.: TODAY...

My good friend got in yesterady from Ireland. She's here for good. I spoke to her a/f the gym yesterday and I filled her in on the latest news in my life. It's been a while since we spoke so there was lots to update her on. She was tired but claimed she didn't want to sleep, so I rambled on to her while she lay on the floor, listening. She was upset a/b leaving, but glad she was home. I don't think it's quite hit her yet that she's here for good. She may need a little adjusting time emotionally. It's great to have her home. Once she's settled, we're going to do some serious shit. She's got a sister, younger than her, who I like alot. We get along really well too. She's going to teach me how to play guitar.

The phones are pissing me off today already. It's only 10:20 and they're fucking ringing off the hook. We're all going to be away today for 3 hrs, so I guess they'd better call now.

I saw these great shoes that I want to buy. I'm short on funds, but if I get this job I'll be able to shop again. Now I'm reduced to picking something up maybe once or twice a month...not cool. I'm a total shop-a-holic. I love to buy new things. Anything that adorns something...whether it's my body, my face, my apartment, etc. It's so fun for me. My henna tattoo on my arm is fading so badly on my arm. I wish it would just go away. I paid $10 on Pride w/e to get it done. Fuck, I should have just stepped on a $10 bill and left it on the ground, for this thing. Not really worth it, you know. My friend A, who I went down with hasn't called me since. I think she's pissed @ me for something I did. She asked me if I would go for her and I told her no. She's been my friend since gr. 2...that's like fucking incest, and she's not my type. I told her that and i was only being honest. SHe asked me if I would go for her grrly friend and I was like....'Don't ask me that question.' b/c she was cute and she would totally be my type, but I didn't want to have to go there with her. Anyways, I think she's pissed over that b/c I've called her twice and she HAS NOT called me back. I don't know but I don't think she should be pissed if that's why.

Okay, I've gotta go eat. It's lunch time...Chinese food.