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2002-06-28, 9:01 a.m.: dying for some excitment...

I'm feeling better today. I thought I was going to loose it @ one point yesterday. My brain was in such a mess that I couldn't deal with answering a question. I was lashing out @ everyone. It's beautiful and sunny today, and that's a recipe for my good mood. They're calling for nice weather all weekend. The pride parade is this weekend too, and it will be perfect for it. I want to go see the drag kings...they're my favorite. I have one especially favorite...fucking yum.

I have to work on my monologue this w/e also. I've gotta have it memorized for Tuesday. Gotta, gotta, gotta.

I'm kind of brain dead @ the moment. I think I have way too much preoccupying my head right now. Another change is on the way and I want it over and done with fast. I need to move on and get myself out of this hole...and so does he.

I made some money doing my aunts hair yesterday. Tonight I'm going to do my uncles hair. It works out as a side job fairly well. I'm dying for some excitment in my life right now...good excitment that is. I wanna go dancing.

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