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2002-06-13, 9:02 a.m.: Italy vs. Mexico...

I'm in a bad place right now and for some reason I'm reluctant on where to go. What to do seems so foreign to me.

I don't think Italy's going to win the soccer game today, to advance them to the next level. I think it's going to go to Mexico. Although the Italians have a history of coming back in a crisis situation...they work well under pressure. We'll see.

I'm not liking my place right now. I'm lost emotionally and it sucks. I'm not hurt...just lost.

Rehearsal was alright, except for the fact that I feel annoyed with the guys there now. It's never a fucking consatnt with me. My mood can change @ the drop of a hat...and it did. Too much socializing and not enough concentration on work. Tonight I will voluntarily be serious and focused. The show is on Friday and I want to be totally prepared. I don't give two shits a/b anyone else @ the moment.

Haha!! I just found out that Italy tied Mexico and Equador beat out Croatia, which means...Italy goes through!!! See, I'm telling you, they always slip through the cracks. O.K. well that made me happy. Small doses...that's what it comes in. You'd think he'd call me to let me know that they tied the game. Dumb fuck! I mean he IS sitting @ home, on his ass, watching it.

Oh ya. Update on the cut fire alarm from yesterday. The super comes up to my apartment yesterday with the electrician, cause they can tell that it's a defect on my floor. A malfuctioning fire alarm in an apartment stops it from proceeding all the way up the building to the other floors. So 'boy' gets questioned a/b the alarm, which he denies having any knowledge a/b the cut wire. They fix it and then I get a call, @ work, from the super warning me that normally I would have to be out of there in 10 days for that kind of violation. I played dumb and he tells me that he can't prove anything, but that I'd better make sure 'the guy' up there doesn't fuck anything else up if he did 99.9% do it. Yeah, so that's that. Cute eh?

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