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2002-05-21, 9:02 a.m.: more than I can chew?

Victoria Day long w/e is over. My view from my apartment is fucking amazing. I watched fire crackers go off all night yesterday all a/r the city...awesome. With he sky line and all teh bright colors bursting in view I felt like a little kid oohing and awhing.

I was physically in pain all over my body all w/e. Saturday I pulled a kamikaze move. I went to the gym in the morning like usual and then thought I could go and take two dance classes a/f. Yes, I did survive throught all of it...all two hours of working out, and then all three hours of dancing. I was thirsty as hell and the minute I stepped onto the street my legs were killing me. I realized that I may have pushed a tad too hard. I didn't even want to go out Saturday night b/c I hurt so much. I went all out so my body was just completely shocked. I am still suffering in my triceps and my hamstrings right now. Come to think of it I may just skip the gym tonight so that I can fully recover for Wednesday's work-out. @ the dance class they do lots of work on abs and arms and triceps...so you have the strength to pull off some of the moves.

Monday I tried to relax for a bit, but I had an evening class to go to. I showed up @ the class and saw only my teacher's car in the lot...which immediately made me think that I would be the only one to show, on the holiday Monday. So sure enough we cancelled the class a/f a little talk and I got to go home and rest some more. Better for me cause I could hardly walk still, yesterday. I think I had the best sleep I've had so far in my bed yesterday night though. Very, very comfortable.

My little sister had her recital on Sunday night. Sore as I was, I hobbled there and watched her. It was a great recital...they have some really good dancers there. I was very impressed and they were all fairly young too. This w/e has just been filled with alot of 'very' things.

I think I have to go grocery shopping tonight. I have to do my laundry too, but that may have to wait till later. Two more weeks left in this month and I have alot to get done. Did I bite off more that I can chew here...noooo never.