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2002-05-17, 8:44 a.m.: into the long weekend...

It's the big long w/e here. Most people are packing up to go and party up North with a bunch of friends. Me, I get to stay home @ my new place and probably party down here. Actually, I still have alot of shit to do and places to go so I most likely wont even be doing that. There'a a big Leaf game on Saturday night. They just won yesterday's game...we're praying for a nice winning streak.

Today I get to take some time off and drive up to one of our clients office. I told her I'd go pick up her payment for her to help straighten out her monthly payment plan here. Tomorrow's the last day for her to get her money in and there is no way she can get her cheque in here in time. I also have to drop a cheque off to her that will help pay for the whole straightening out process. It's very complicating and confusing and the company just made it harder than they should have, but. See what a nice girl I am.

So remember how I was talking a/b cutting my nailas. Well, I never got a/r to it and then yesterday night, as I was pulling into my parking spot, I jammed my thumb into the steering wheel causing my nail to bend backwards @ a point that it should not be able to bend @. It fucking hurt like HELL. So I have blood hanging a/r in my nail now b/c it tore and, well, I finally cut my nails. I mean they weren't all nasty and long and unshapely...they actually looked nice, but I couldn't do anything with them. Plus I tend to be very agressive when I try to do things...well, as agressive as my little self will allow me to be. I'm always hurting myself or dropping things or breaking things. Just yesterday I broke a beautiful glass Cinderella ornament that my boy got me by smashing my boot into it. I tried to carry the glass carridge and my boots together in my hands...I know, stupid stupid. I'm going to try and crazy glue it back together cause it was so pretty. You just can't get me anything fragile. My little sister was there and she goes 'Must be cheap'. I said 'Noooooo, it's glass...very fragile'.

I've made a decision not to go back to the t.v. dance party show on Fridays. It's become a very racist environment and I can't stand it anymore. We have so-called 'minorities' here, that really aren't a minority considering we are such a multi-cultural country, that decide it's their turn to be ignorant. I mean it's fine if they choose to be that way, but I will not be a part of it. I feel it's partly instigated by the host of the show and she caters to people of 'color' over those who look 'white'. As far as I'm concerned everyone should be treated equally. I don't give a fuck. Cause many 'white' people there are also of mixed races and shit too. I really can't get it and I really can't stand it. You know, I don't discriminate based on race...if you're an idiot, you're an idiot...no matter what race, sex, whatever, you are.****Prime example, I just dealt with one idiot on the phone right now****Some people are so dense I could scream. Anyways, end of story is I don't really want to be associated with an atmosphere like that. Especially considering I can't even change her perspective on it. There's some people there that I really like though, so I'll just either go out with them another time or I'll go hang out down there once in a while to see them. The really hot gay guy that I use to love there turned out to be a conceited prick...who, since he had been there longer than me chose not to be so readily available to talk to me. Only if he couldn't find any 'old school' dancers would he bother with me. So I said 'fuck that shit' and started ingnoring him. I'm nobody's second best!! Plus he had such rancid breathe...you'd think he had just sucked 10 dirty ass cocks b/f. hahaha...I didn't mean it THAT way...that's funny shit.

Okay so it's off for the long w/e. See you on Tuesday.