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2002-05-22, 8:58 a.m.: audition aftermath...

So I got a call yesterday from the director of the play I'm working on. She asked me to come to an audition, that they were shooting a U.S. National beer commercial. Fuck yeah...I was excited. So I went down to where we were suppose to meet, not knowing what to expect cause I've never doen THIS b/f. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere and then I got up to shoot my 1 min in front of the camera. Well it turned out that you had to be 25...so I lied, but then he asked me if I could prove that I was 25 with i.d. Fuck! I said 'Do I have to'. He had to stop the tape there cause they couldn't take anyone under 25 for the commercial. My director apologized to me for 10 mins, which I thought was VERY cool. I told her it didn't really matter...it was a good experience. I stayed with them and watched a few more tapings and then she told me she would definately hook me up with anything else they do. See, things happen for a reason. She also told me she is very impressed with how I've been working on the play. Always nice to hear. We're going to sit down a/f the show and discuss where I want my career to go...which is also fucking awesome, b/c I need people who are willing to support me and give me positive feedback too.

When I got back home I still had time to work on my routine. I put together the whole thing complete with all the steps...45 mins worth. As for the 15 min warm-up...that is easy to put together. You wouldn't believe how fast 15 min of a warm-up can fly by you. So now depending on how long I can stay @ the performance...cause it turns out I have other arrangements also that night...I have to put together MY performance now.

I met a guy @ the audition, whose also in my theatre group, who has a band. He found out I can play bass and told me he'd keep me in mind for future. I laughed @ him and told him I was a vocalist, to which he got all nervous and told me I couldn't come, cause, so is he. We laughed it off together. Who knows, maybe we could hook up still and put some music together. I've always been asked to sing in bands, ever since high school and I never did cause I was always busy with my dancing or other shit. I was always told I'd make a good lead singer for a punk band.

I also met the guy who got my role as 'black'. The role I wanted. We're actually pretty similar in look just...he is a little quirkier. I filled him in that I'm his sidekick. We don't have to rehearse that play till close to show time so he wasn't aware that he even had sidekicks. He seemed pretty cool. I hate those actors who think they're performing every secon their mouths open for words to come out. Everything is like an over exaggerated show...it really makes me sick. There were a few of those there. So all in all...great experience and lots of fun. Can't wait till another one.